THE CATHOLIC CHURCH RETURNS TO BROADSTAIRS 1883/84         Laurel   House,   St   Peter's   Road    (Junction   of   Gladstone   Road)   s how a   Captain   Rutt   in   residence.   [Laural   House   is   now   occupied   by   the dentist] 1885/86 Roman    Catholic    Chapel    now    listed    at    Laurel    House,    St    Peter's Road. Sundays & Holy Day Mass 8 am 1888    Catholic   Chapel   (corrugated   iron   church)    built   by   Dominicans   (? probably the Benedictines) . 1893/94 Catholic   Chapel   (corrugated   iron   church) ,   St   Peter's   Park   Road,   [on part   of   site   which   is   now   occupied   by   Willow   Court ].   Sunday   Mass at 9 am, Holy Days at 8.30 am 1903-04 Now   listed   as   Our   Lady   Star   of   the   Sea,   still   a   corrugated   iron church.   Adjacent   area   is   now   being   developed   with   a   Monumental Mason and Coal Yard now neighbours of the church. 1904/05 St   Joseph's   Convent   School   gets   a   first   mention,   but   is   situated   on the   same   side   of   St   Peter's   Park   Road   as   the   church   –   next   door but one to the church towards Bairds Hill. 1907/08 St Joseph's Convent School is now listed at its current site. 1909 Tin church enlarged. 1929     Ordinance   Survey   show   Our   Lady   Star   of   the   Sea   has   moved   to Broadstairs   Road   (Although   this   may   be   simply   a   planning   inclusion as   the   designs   for   the   church      by   Sir   Giles   Gilbert   Scott   are   listed   as being   prepared   in   1929   and   the   first   part   of   the   church   completed   in 1931) . 1932    13   St   Peter's   Park   Road   is   listed   as   the   Presbytery   with   Rev.   Martin de   Vidts,   OSB,   living   there.   (This   position   is      almost   opposite   the original tin church) 1932     Our   Lady   Star   of   the   Sea   is   now   listed   in   Kelly's   Directory   for   the first   time   as   being   in   Broadstairs   Road   –   and   it   is   the   only   property listed   in   that   road   (presumably   a   new   road) .   A   map   included   in   that year's   edition   of   the   directory   still   has   RC   Church   positioned   in   St Peter's Park Road. 1963    The   designs   for   the   present   church   were   prepared   by   Giles   Gilbert Scott   in   1929.   The   sanctuary,   vestries   and   part   of   the   nave   were completed   in   1931;   the   church   was   finished   to   the   original   design   in 1963,   after   Sir   Giles   Gilbert   Scott’s   death   in   1959.   His   designs   for   a presbytery were not carried out.
THIS SUNDAY 14th JULY . . . ST MILDRED'S MASS at the Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin, Minster at 3 pm (Afterwards ar Parkminster for refreshments -■■■- NO MASSES ON MONDAY 15th July & TUESDAY 16th July -■■■- REQUIEM MASS THIS WEEK: Wednesday at 10.30 am of Teresa Ebden -■■■- SUMMER DEEP CLEAN Monday 22nd July starting at 9 am - getting our church ready for summer -■■■- PLANT SALE after ALL Masses on Sunday 11th August -■■■- GET READY FOR RACING . . . Yes it's on, the cancelled RACE NIGHT will be on Friday 6th September at 7 pm in the Hall . . . TICKET NOW ON SALE after all Sunday Masses